Does Blogging Still Matter?

Yes.  It does.  When potential clients visit your website, it is your opportunity to share your knowledge in a practical way.  It's not a sales piece.  It's demonstrative of your expertise and skills.  A client or potential client can and will be on your website at all hours of the day, any day of the year.

As a small business owner you have a very unique skill set.  You're likely to have mastered a number of number of skills.  It's time to share that expertise!  What you share in a blog may not come up in a conversation or a meeting.

So what to write about? Talk about how you creatively solved a problem.  Share how you got into business.  Show off recent work that you are proud of!  Now, how do you do it? Here's a nice, short article on Open Vine that shares great tips on how to write a strong blog.