Marketing? I don't have time for that.

It's likely that you ARE making time for marketing.  Everything you do within the four walls of your business is marketing.  From how your employees greet customers to how you deliver the finished product.  Everything you do outside of your business is also marketing, from text messaging clubs to Facebook pages, that's all marketing too.

The struggle you may have is how much time are you dedicating to your marketing and promotional efforts, particularly when it comes to things that happen outside of your business.

Relatively speaking, it's "easy" to set up web sites, twitter accounts and Facebook pages.  The tough part is keeping those pages up to date with fresh information that gives your customers a reason to keep visiting them.

Fortunately for small businesses, there are great inexpensive tools available to do just that for twitter and Facebook.  Consider HootSuite.   You can schedule messages in advance for upcoming events like entertainment or daily specials.  You'll also be able to learn when your customers are actually using your Facebook and twitter pages.  It's a very handy way to manage your social media accounts.

Websites can be used simultaneously with Facebook and twitter.  There are so many easy to manage "site builders" too.  They are very user friendly for you as a business owner and you can have a great looking website up within a matter of minutes.

Done well, any combination of twitter, Facebook and a website can help to generate additional revenue for your business.  There's so many possibilities to build on your current success!

Keep going and keep growing.