Let's Get Uncomfortable

It's easy for folks to pump success.  How many folks do you work with, directly or indirectly, will tell you the brutal and honest truth about a failure?  Not your run of the mill "I forgot my notes for a client meeting," but the kind of failure that makes a person question their own sensibilities, logic and reasoning.  Failure and talking about failure, is uncomfortable, isn't it?

I've grown to a point where the fear of not trying something is greater than the fear of failing at it.  I can go on auto-pilot, however I'm truly ready to be uncomfortable.  That's my sweet spot for growth.  If I know I'm going to be uncomfortable, I set forth a more thorough plan, the details are more put together, the timelines more realistic and the goals more attainable.

It's easier to do on the buddy system. Let's get uncomfortable together.


Ann Rakowiecki