What Do Your Customers See?

You've got to have a great product before you start marketing it.  If you've got a business to consumer product, say a restaurant, an accounting firm, a styling salon, you name it.  It's got to look great from the outside in, especially if rely on foot traffic.

When was the last time you entered your business from the front door, during regular business hours, before you were thinking about what you were going to do that day?  Have you ever waited in your own waiting room?  Ever checked in at the counter of your own restaurant?

The most gentle dentist and caring team can get lost on a first time patient if the waiting room is dusty, filled with old magazines or a blaring TV.  The message? We don't care about details.  If my mouth is open to sharp implements, I most certainly care about the details.

I recently drove by a restaurant with full and take out service.  Looked intriguing until I saw a mess of what had to be a ream of faded old menus permanently trapped between the banquette seating and the front window.  The message I got? That they didn't care about cleaning... worse still that they didn't care about sanitation.

You need not spend a fortune on secret shopper programs.  Just be observant.  If don want a shopper program, a friend can be your shopper and use the tools that I have developed.  You can use a stock checklist or one that I'll customized based on what is important to you. Give me a shout at ann@mkemktgco.com

Ann Rakowiecki