I Fed 5 Goats

I've said that I'm ready to be uncomfortable. I did something the other day that did just that. I've been helping a family member with her 5 goats. Although I've lived in rural areas, I've never spent much time with livestock. My last experience with goats was being knocked down by one or two or three. at a petting zoo. I was decidedly uncomfortable when I was putting on those rubber boots, trying to figure out how to get into the pen and the moment of truth. Alone with 5 goats, stronger than me, on their back legs taller than me. And here I was. They looked at me. I kept my eyes on them Just this morning I sat with them on their goat stairs, in those rubber boats, getting affectionate head butts, bleats and kisses. The short story is that being with 5 goats for a few days taught me a few things. What do you think spending time with 5 goats would teach you? #goats #uncomfortable #learning #life