Friday Night Learning?

So it's Friday night, the clouds have given way to a bit a blue sky and I'm sitting on my deck, relaxing.  I would guess that depends on your definition of relaxing.  To me, a feeling of relaxation comes when I "take inventory."

That means that I go over my accomplishments, the list of things yet to do, the new list of things to do and to plan out my coming week.  Even if I sit quietly and think about it, I begin to wrap my brain around things and how they are all connected.

When I set my mind to start this business, I knew that I wanted to work hard for myself and I knew that I could help others succeed in their businesses.  What was solidified for me this week is that my success can ONLY be measured on how successful I make others.  

It means that I have to listen, ask questions and provide opinions, while taking a 360 degree view.  If you're considering working with an independent marketing professional or if you are working with an independent marketing professional, take stock.  Are they listening to you? Are they asking questions?  

Are you ready to ask yourself some tough questions?  I've done this myself with my own business and as an employee.  

What's my mission? 

What's my product/service?

What's my strategy?

Who are my target customers?

Are there any new opportunities for my product/service to be used in a way they haven't been before?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What are my threats?

Where am I at financially? 

Where do I want my finances to be?

These are the questions that drive everything that I do for myself, for potential clients and current clients.  A strategic plan and a plan for marketing need to answer these questions.