How Can I Keep Up with The Big Guys?

It's not about keeping up with the big guys.  It's about developing your own market, your own niche.  You have to find your strength, your uniqueness and capitalize on that.  Every business has it.  Doesn't matter if you're serving food, fabricating custom parts or sharing a vacation rental home.  

You build your own niche by building loyalty.  It's good to have a great product or be the hot spot.  But if you're not one of the big guys, that may not be enough.  You'll have to inspire and drive loyalty for your guests and customers.  

Folks go and stay where their business is appreciated.  If you're a small business owner, you already have a passion for what you are doing.  Now it's time to get a passion for people.  After all, you're in the "people business."  It's not about the big guys, it's about people.

More to come on building relationships with customers, not through a CRM tool, but through real relationships.