"They're Good on Facebook"

As a business owner, you can’t do everything. So you trust others to handle things for you. Managing other employees, keeping tabs on inventory, keeping your books. You likely choose these folks because of their experience. What about marketing? Would you trust someone without any experience to keep track of your money? No. So why do it with your marketing, particularly with social media? It’s become such a part of our lives. People TALK about what's being post on social media. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Here’s the discussion I hear around social media among business owners: I don’t have time for it, it doesn’t do any good, I don’t understand it or... I have my (insert any employee position here), do it… they’re good on Facebook.

The question I always want to ask is “What does being ‘good on Facebook’ or social media mean?”  I can tell you what it means to me.

Experience: Does the person you’ve chosen to speak on your behalf have any professional experience in that role? It’s one thing to share the meme of the day, but quite another to clearly communicate on behalf of your business.

Analysis: Is your team digging deep into what your audience is responding to? Do they know who your social media audience is? Do they understand the relationship between their activities on social media and how they impact business?

Quantifiable: Are they looking at the numbers on Facebook? How has your fanbase grown? How have your social media activities influenced your sales?

Strategy: Is there a thoughtful and concerted effort to ensure that your social media messaging aligns with what your clients and customers experience when they’re at your store, your restaurant, in your office?

What’s great about social media is that it levels the playing field for small businesses, like any marketing activity, it’s got to be intentional and well-executed.  If you’re ready to step up your social game, let’s talk!