What to Avoid with Social Media Marketing

PR Daily put together this concise list of 5 things to avoid with social media marketing: "Don’t make these marketing blunders on social media." It's a quick read and works as a great primer for small businesses that are new to marketing on social media or a refresher for an experienced marketer.

What I've learned when writing and managing for clients is that we've only got so many opportunities to share a message (not publishing too much) and making sure that it is content that resonates with their audience (relevant... trying to stay ahead of the algorithm).

I could talk for days, okay maybe hours, about my approach to social media marketing for clients. In the research, writing, scheduling, graphics and analysis that I've done over the last decade and change (yes, I started when only folks with an .edu email address could access the network) I've got a lot of fairy tales and a few nightmares. If you don't have time right now to have a conversation with me, here's those five things to avoid. If you're intrigued... let's meet for coffee!