Rock Stars of Merchandise

Like Joan Jett says, "I love rock and roll!" I also love a really good branding story. When it comes to the chocolate and the peanut butter of it, there's nobody better at it than KISS. From their breakout on the 70s through today, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have done it all.

Merchandise can really be a great accompaniment to your brand. When it's all said and done, your customers are buying a feeling from you not just your service or product. For most rock bands, its a t-shirt... when a fan puts on that t-shirt, they are wearing a feeling and displaying a badge.

So let's look at Kiss...Lunch boxes? Yup. Guitars? Yup. Belt buckles? Yes! Hot Wheels cars? Yes! Take an inside look and a visit to Oshkosh as the band talks about their success.

You wanted the hottest band in the land, you got it! KIIIIIIIIIISSSSS!