Let's Talk About Social Media...

Let's talk about social media. Navigating social media can be a task in itself. At first, it's fun! Your business is on Facebook and all of your friends have "liked" your page. Great!

Social media is cool because it's very different from your normal, daily, run of the mill, humdrum business routine. You've got cool pictures posted, you've got your "about" section filled out, your "our story" section is there. And you're posting on a regular basis. Right? No?

And that twitter account? That's up to date, right?


Instagram? Kinda. Google+ Account? Wait, what?

Social media IS fun, but it's also work. There's a strategy to it. You've got to find the right mix of content and you have to know your audience.

I get and understand social media. I've been using social media as a professional marketing tool since you needed an ".edu" address to be on Facebook. In fact, I was the first marketing professional to use it as a tool in a billion dollar company.

Here comes the flowery part...

Let's find the right platform for your business and develop your social network to match your brand and image. We will develop useful, effective, robust and timely content that extends your guests' experience outside of your physical space.