Getting Geeky Over a Brand

I get kind of dorky about brands. I get really dreamy-eyed about logos, product placement, co-merchandising, creativity, companies that live up to their "brand promise."

A mainstream brands that I get geeky about is Apple.

Why Apple? I find Apple intriguing because of how they have been a market leader and because of their ability to adapt.  If you grew up in up in the mid 80s and early 90s, it is likely that you had an Apple computer in your classroom.  For a awhile there, it seemed that Apple would be the leader in personal computing.  But rather than licensing their technology, they held on to it.  The IBM computer became the standard for most businesses and homes.  Apple became a niche brand.  Most of us went on with PCs for years.  Then, almost out of nowhere comes Apple iPod.  What the heck was it anyway?  Portable music.  But I have a Walkman.  Right, but it's not cool like an iPod.  An iPod didn't have any moving parts except for that click wheel.  Pretty soon everyone needed an iPod and a multitude of companies developed their own mp3 players.  

I remember buying my Scion xB in 2006.  It had an adapter for an iPod.  I didn't want it, I told the dealership to "get rid of it, I don't own an iPod.  Never will."  Within 6 months I owned an iPod Touch.  

It's about innovation and adaptability.  The iPod cleared the way for the iPhone.  What did the iPhone do for cellular phones?  Then that lead to the iPad.  I laughed at the name., But what did the iPad do for tablet computers?

What's the line that Steve Jobs is famous for?  That people don't know what they want until you show it to them.

Apple also had some pretty cool commercials.  1984, I'm a Mac and Feist singing on a tiny screen.  So yes, for me there's a cool factor with Apple.

I guess that I really get geeky over Apple because they've created demand through creativity.  That's something to be learned from.  Create a uniqueness about your brand that resonates with your target audience.