Social Media Tips

Your Handle

Determine what your handle will be across different social media platforms. It should closely match your business name, yet not be so long that it is cumbersome. Claim that handle on facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, pinterest, snapchat and more even if you won’t be using all those platforms immediately. You’ll have claimed it in the case that you’ll use it later. 


This is important. It will save you time and energy in the short run and the long run, especially if you choose to make social media a team member’s responsibility. Choose only one or two platforms and do them well! Streamlining may also mean using a management tool like Hootsuite or Post Planner. 


You’ll grow a presence if you post on a regular basis and with intention. Your readers and customers should get something out of what you are sharing. 

What to Post

Stick with the tried and true 80/20 ratio. 80% of your content should be of value to your audience. It should entertain, inform, educate. When your audience knows that you are credible and reliable, you can share what you are trying to sell to them – sharing sales information should demonstrate value to your audience – a special or exclusive offer or insider information. 

Be Social

Remember that social media is “social.” Give people the opportunity to interact with you and when they do… respond! And don’t forget to visit your customers’ or partners’ pages. Comment, like, share and share information that is useful or of value to your audience. You’ll find that this will be reciprocal and it will increase your visibility. 

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